Ugh, everything feels so rushed these days.  I work every day this week; I’ve been trying to schedule a student to tutor all while not falling horribly behind in class and staying on top of grad school stuff.  So far my head still rests above the water line, but that’s based merely on a day-to-day assessment.

So once again I do not have much time before I need to wash the soy sauce and onion smell off of myself and get to class.

I worked on FL a lot yesterday.  I think I have a pretty good idea how to work in a change in ethnicity without it feeling tacked on and without making the story too long.  However, I’ve now decided that I must also change it into present tense.  I think it’ll just work better with the sense of urgency I’m trying to get across.  So, back to reworking the first half of the draft while the second half sits as a pile of notes next to my bed.  I really do feel like it’ll be worth it in the end, because I want my portfolio to be as diverse as possible while still staying true to who I am.  And so far I feel on the track to do that.  I’d just really like to get to the second half of this piece eventually…


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