Lotsa Pieces

So I’m finally over the crest of my week.  No class til Monday, and on Monday I don’t have to work.  So I feel a lot less like the minutes are whizzing past me and nothing is getting done as quickly as it should.

FT update: The piece is now in about eight different parts, some on my computer, some printed out on paper, others handwritten on sheets upon sheets of loose leaf paper.  While this is the source of some anxiety, I’m also confident that once those pieces have been sorted through and put together I will have a pretty decent first draft.

In addition to now serving six nights a week I have two requests from students in need of tutoring, one in basic math and writing and the other in Japanese.  I’m not entirely sure where these four hours will be coming from, but I guess I’ll just keep pushing on and make it work.

My goal is to have a solid list of grad schools including deadlines and application requirements compiled by the first of October so I can send out emails to all of my potential recommendation letter writers.  Once FT gets put together, I think I’ll feel a lot better about devoting time to the grad school list.

All right, back to that rough draft.


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