Quickly Children!

Okay, not much time today which seems to be the story of my life lately but whatevs.

On Sunday I barely accomplished more than my laundry.  But it was Sunday.  I need a day off once in a while.  Plus it wasn’t that I did absolutely nothing.  I read over a couple of stories for my workshop critique and took some notes.

On Monday I went to my creative writing class where my professor told me (and the class) that my ballad was one of the top three pieces in the class.  Sweet!  I thought that thing blew total crap!  Then my car started making some weird noises so I came home and wrote my critique.  Then I read over HL, which will heretofore be referred to as FT, and made some notes about possibly changing the ethnicity of one character and getting more into the juices of another.  Is that gross?  No time to contemplate I gotta go.

I don’t think I have another day off until next week Monday.  Groan.


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