I had a nice weekend of watching sports and catching spiders. I started to wonder if maybe the spiders are a metaphor for my life. Then I realized that anything can be a metaphor for anything if you think about it long enough.

I couldn’t really sleep last night. I’ve never really been a headache guy, but in the last year it seems I’ve been more prone to them. Not sure why. Last night was the first time I’ve ever not been able to sleep because of it. I tried all the normal stuff: drinking water (dehydration?), meditating (tension?), nothing really worked. I drifted off a couple times but my sleep was fitful and I woke up in short order, with the same annoying headache. And no, I don’t keep any Advil around, because I don’t taking stuff.

Once I did finally get to sleep, I ended up sleeping a little late because my phone/alarm died during the night, and also I guess I needed it. Still had a headache naturally when I got up. Still, I managed to shoot off some more emails and start another score before lunch, when I wanted to make sure I ate and had a shower to hopefully help my aching head.

I still don’t feel totally right, but I think I did feel a little better after that. I managed to get quite a bit done on score #2 today. And I got a couple of email responses, which weren’t terribly helpful but did provide me with another lead. So I’ll follow that tomorrow.

So to bed!

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