The Body Electric

So here’s a bit of a music news update.

I am currently a member of an indie-folk-rock band called The Body Electric (MySpace page). A little while ago, we released our 2nd EP, and it has been met with very positive feedback. It was recorded and mastered by world-class audio technicians at Rokbox Analog Fidelity in Boulder, CO, and we are very pleased with how it turned out. It is available for free sampling at several intarweb sites, listed below, so if anyone is interested in checking it out, please do so! We have been selling the EP at shows and it is also available as an mp3 album at

It’s been a great experience being part of the local indie scene. I’ve considered myself to be a musician for much of my life, which for the most part has entailed trying to create music for myself; that is to say, as a creative outlet, to keep me from going insane. It’s a whole different world trying to make the leap to having music be your trade, however, because now, in my case, I still try to pour my heart and soul into everything I create, but at the same time, I can only sit back and hope that my creations will somehow speak to others with even a fraction of the profundity that I feel when dreaming them up.

This is why it’s such a wonderful thing to see people out there supporting us in our endeavors. On the one hand, we’re all a bunch of starving artists, more or less fresh out of college, and so every bit of support we receive goes so far to helping us be able to go on with what we’re doing. At the same time, the support tells us that what we’re doing is reaching people on some level, and in the end, that is what most makes the effort to put on shows and create new music worthwhile.

So all in all, it’s hard not to feel encouraged about the direction we are headed as a band, and the direction I am headed personally as a growing musician. It’s still so early on in the process, and it’s impossible to say what the future holds, but I hope to be able to continue making music and touching people for years to come.

Thank you so much for every bit of your support through the years.

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