Crossword Madness!

Hey everybody!

I recently sold my first crossword to the New York Sun. I’ll definitely make a post when it gets close to publication time so everyone can try it! It’s a Monday so it shouldn’t be too tough.

Anyway, to celebrate, I’m gonna post up a few of my first fill attempts just for some solving fun for anyone that wants to try them. I was learning while doing these, so they’re not the highest quality, but they might still be fun to do.

So I’ll start out with the first one I submitted to the LA Times. I wasn’t really expecting for it to get picked up because the theme is a little specialized.. and it was rejected for precisely that reason. Some of you blog folks might definitely get a kick out of it though.

All That Jazz – Across Lite FormatPDF Format

For the Across Lite version, you’ll need this free download, which will allow you to work the puzzle on your computer. Alternatively, you can download and print the PDF version for a pencil/paper version.


EDIT (2/23/10): I’m trying out a new applet which would allow me to embed these puzzles into the pages of the blog. If everything works, the puzzle should show up below!

Arbitrary HTML code to be displayed if the user doesn’t have Java installed.

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