NY Sun Crossword Publication!

A few months ago I sold my first puzzle to the NY Sun. Well, today is the day it finally gets published!

The NY Sun also publishes all of their puzzles online, so anybody who is interested in giving it a try can do so.

It should be available sometime this morning at the following URL:

Well good luck to you all. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try it 🙂

EDIT (2/23/2010): Unfortunately, the NY Sun crossword has been discontinued. This means the puzzle is no longer available except via subscription.

This puzzle was also published as part of this book, on page 72.

The former editor of the Sun crossword, Peter Gordon, is also starting up a new subscription crossword service at suncrossword.com called Fireball Crosswords. He does high-quality work, so if you’re interested in puzzles, check out the sample crosswords on his page.

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