Machine Language

I’m hereby employing the services of a Me simulator from now on. Technology rules.

You know me, being human and all, I’m always looking for better, easier, and faster ways of doing things. Like with this web site, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make updating and customizing it easier.

And boy did I find a big time saver. There’s a program called dadadodomax which is based on Jamie Zawinski’s dadadodo tool, which basically analyzes text and then generates new text that’s kinda based on the analyzed text. For more information on how this works check out the websites, they can explain it better than I can.

Chris first alerted me to this a year ago, and even at the time I saw how it could be very useful. Unfortunately I had to wait around until someone made this Macintosh port of it so I could use it to generate text based on my own writing. Now that it’s finally available, I figure that since everything I write is based on the same five or six hackneyed phrases, I don’t have to keep writing up these little blurbs anymore! I can just feed all the existing text from this blog into the program, and then updates only take seconds rather than precious, precious minutes! And no one will ever know the difference! Hmm, I bet I could even use this on my English papers and such… excellent….

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