That’s Roman-speak for 38. ish.

Well I could almost taste that championship in October 2003 when the Sox made it to the ALCS and lost. I’ve been enduring the inhumane torture of championship blue balls ever since. I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen!

And it finally did, when the Pats won the Super Bowl last weekend, 3 1/2 long months thereafter. You can imagine what it felt like as those final seconds ticked off the clock. About 100 days of that unbearable and yet strangely libidinous fever, that anticipation for a title waxing within all coming to a lascivious, smirking head within that one moment.

And afterwards, during the post-game interviews, Tom Brady said “None of it would be possible without these guys and all the fans we’ve got back in Boston,” all but confirming that the trophy belongs as much to him as it does us faithful denizens of the Town of Beans. At that point it was too much to bear, and we erupted in cheers, as Brady said something about “tearing that thing down.”

Well that was all we needed to hear as we spooged forth from the bar, a tidal wave, a veritable orgy of chaos and destruction as we overturned cars, looted stores, jostled authority and wreaked general havoc on the streets of Boston. Oh yes, it was good. It was oh, so good.

Later I found out that Mr. Tom actually said “Don’t tear that thing down tonight.” But you know, whatever; it was an honest mistake.

Ok, ok that’s not really how it happened. But it was still fun times. And the parade on Tuesday started just a few blocks from my apartment, on a day when I didn’t have any classes, so I didn’t really have any excuse not to go. Yeah it was a great experience, one of those things that I’ll be able to tell to any person who happens to be passing by when someday I become one of those crazy old storytelling men, like the guy that tells me his weird Johnny Cash war stories every time I walk by him and I’m carrying my bass. I don’t know, it’s kinda crazy just to see the comaraderie and general good humor that arises from something as simple and seemingly insignificant as a national sports championship.

So in conclusion, congrats to the Pats.

In other news, has quoted and linked one of my blog entries, which is always an awesome thing. When that happens. So thanks to them. Check them out if you’re into the bloggy… genealogy… stuff like I am.

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