Still Here


Hi everybody. Yeah I still exist, if you can call what I’ve been doing existing. That is, slogging through the mires of Seasonal Affective Disorder or some other equally unpleasant form of apathy.

To be fair, I’ve had plenty to write about. I just feel kind of guilty depleting my word reserves when I have English papers that I’m supposed to be writing. It’s like I have a pretty limited amount of motivation and words to write and stuff, and if I waste it on here then perhaps I’ll never do my English assignments. Oddly enough, I haven’t been doing my English assignments anyway, so basically I haven’t been doing anything. So maybe I should rethink all of this.

I’m updating this now in any case because it’s SPRING BREAK WHOOOO and I can do whatever the hell I want for the next week. Take that English class! In your face!

Oh I also wanted to mention an exciting offer I received in my email today. Apparently there are pills that can increase the size of my penis! And they must really believe in their product, too, because I got not 1, not 2, but 25 emails about it. Despite the fact that I’ve been opting out of their lists every day for 6 months. It’s funny how at first, I thought I would never even consider buying the pills, but after several thousand emails I’m thinking maybe I’ll change my mind! What do you guys think?

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