A Scree, A Scrye, A Scrue

This is…….. I don’t know what this is.

Hi again all you sexies.

Well I finished my studying for today, so I’m taking the extra time to do an update. Time has been a scarcity of late, but it happens this way every semester. You’d think I’d have gotten used to it by now, but it still seems to come as a surprise somehow. The good news is, I’m on the home stretch, with just three more weekdays of finals, papers, and portfolio madness, and than it’s home again for the holidays to decompress.

These last few days I’ve made an interesting discovery. For all of you folks out there are looking for a good exercise solution to tone your legs and glutes (tehe!), here’s a tip: go to your local ice rink or general public sheet of ice, and try walking around on it for an hour without falling down. If you’re wondering how I made this discovery, then wonder no more; this was my commute back and forth to school every day for the past week. And man, my legs kill right now. The pain is how you know it’s working.

In other news, I’m in grave danger of losing in the first round of fantasy playoffs this weekend, in which case my whole season would pretty much be ruined. Which sucks because I managed to finish in 2nd overall for the regular season. But them’s the breaks— just ask any pro football coach. I’m sorta glad I don’t have my reputation and livelihood riding on it. Much.

Here’s some new words to add to my List Of Words That Have Struck Me As Silly At Some Time Or Other: smart, next. Does anyone else do this? Where suddenly some common-usage word strikes you as being really dumb or weird? Maybe I’m the only one.

Anyway, I could ramble on like this for months, but I have to go play with Mr. Picassohead some more. It has me transfixed. Here’s my first masterpiece. And don’t ask me what the S stands for, because I don’t freakin know.

Now everyone: go forth and do excellently on your finals! If you have them! Otherwise do excellently at other things! I shall see some of you soon…. mwahaha… mwahahahha…. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAAHA!!!

I need therapy.

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