My Wintr Vakashun

For my wintr vakashun, I flew home to Colerado.

I met Charly the dog. He wanted to HAVE SEX with me. Just then Chris saved the day. Chris is a hero of our generation.

For Chrismas I got a camra. I took some pictures.

Then we went to Wiskonsen. I saw my family. I saw my Granny. She is sick. She told me stories about her life. Then we were happy.

But then we had to go. We were sad.

I went to Matt’s howse for New Year’s Eve. Hooray it is 2004! There were lots of people there. But not Andres.

Then I went to bed. I slept for 3 days. I was woke up by a strange noise.

Then I went to Matt’s cabin in the mountens. We played games. I lost.

I ate at good restrants. I watched good movies. I lookd at some pictures. Chris and Darren came over and we ate pizza and watched foot ball. Then we had a intelecshuel conversashun.

Then it was time to say goodby. I ate dinner with my old family to say goodby.

Finaly I came to Bosten again. It was very cold. I died.

The End

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