Veteran's Day

A time of gratitude, remembrance and… joy?

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow, the most solemn of holidays. It is a time of year when I like to give thanks to those who have made our nation great. So many people have given their lives over the years for the greater good. Countless soldiers, who have been marched unwittingly to their untimely demise; untold hundreds of thousand of MILLIONS of people who, at the command of our gracious democratic government, have been shot, blown up, maimed, gassed, tortured, stabbed, wounded, and killed, so as to attain the legendary status of martyrdom, but more to the point, to champion one simple, and yet infinitely wonderful cause: to give me a day off to catch up on all this damn schoolwork in which I’ve fallen hopelessly behind.

God bless you, my fallen brethren.

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