Shades of Change

Maple LeavesJazz Even 8th’s – Big Band

(Big Band Arranging – Spring, 2003)

Original Music by Jared Banta

This track is cobbled together from two different performances. The first is from summer 2003 at the Mile High Jazz Camp, a camp I had been going to since the summer before entering high school. The band was great, unfortunately I don’t have the names of all the performers, but it was led by Brent Campbell. The second performance is by the 9th and Lincoln Orchestra, the house big band at Dazzle Jazz Lounge in Denver. The featured soloists are Jaime Parker on trombone and Art Bouton on alto saxophone.

The song itself was my final project for my Big Band Arranging class in Spring 2003, and I based it on a poem by my friend Alli. It has been my most frequently performed big band composition, including performances at Berklee College of Music, University of Colorado, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And finally, thanks to Larry Oji of WMRE radio for playing the recording on his radio show VG Frequency on 11/18/03.

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