Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Pure Imagination

WonkaJazz – 3/4, Even 8ths

(16 June 2006)

Original Music by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

(2/15/08) Update!  The old version has long since disappeared from my SoundClick page. People liked the old version a lot, but I perceived it to be long and a little boring in the middle, and something that we did many years ago. The new version is more sophisticated, and it has vocals!

It’s from a live performance at the Rock ‘n Soul Cafe in Boulder, CO. I stole some of the brilliance in the A sections from a recording by saxophonist Mark Turner. That circulating 3 chord vamp is his, and was just waaay too good not to use, but is a pain to blow over. The bridge is different from his version though, and the overall form has been altered, so I feel okay calling it an arrangement of mine, with credit where credit is due. Hope you enjoy this rendition as much as the last!

Vocals – Jocelyn Holst
Alto Saxophone –  Darren Mueller
Guitar – Matt Fuller
Bass – Jared Banta
Drums – Josh Moore

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