Trip to Los Angeles… and Another Crossword

Thought I would leave an update since I’m leaving town tomorrow. I’m heading to L.A. to check out a grad program.

I actually applied once before, a year ago, and didn’t get in, but I did make it onto a wait list which I took as a promising sign. Admittedly that application was a little rushed, so I’m looking to not make the same mistake this time around.

The fact that I’m still amped about the program after a year has gone by is very significant. It turns out it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get accepted the first time, because it has lent me more insight than if I had made it right in. Often when things don’t work out I can just brush them aside and they will fade away into the past. So the fact that I still feel strongly about this program tells me that it’s probably pretty important to me, and something that’s worth throwing some effort into.

I also wanted to share that I sold another puzzle! This one is a Sunday and I sold it to the Los Angeles Times (coincidentally). The LAT is pretty cool because it is syndicated all over the country, so wherever you live, there’s a good chance there’s a paper nearby that carries it. I know the Colorado Daily runs the daily crossword and the Daily Camera runs the Sundays. Wow there were a lot of “dailys” in that sentence. But anyway, check it out if you get a chance.

To celebrate, I made a crossword for my grandpa’s birthday, since he does ’em every morning. I’ll post it below so everyone can give it a shot.

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