Oh Yeah… This

Greetings all!

I was just reminded recently that I have this blog sitting here, and I realized that I have a bunch of stuff that is waiting around that could be on it, I just haven’t been keeping up to date.

I was getting sick of not being able to embed stuff within the blog posts, so I’ve migrated to Byethost, which is a free host that seems to be pretty well-suited to my needs. So we will see how they do. So far so good though, you will see that I’ve got a crossword puzzle applet running, as well as embedded video, audio, and flash on many of the pages, so the experience should be vastly enhanced over what it was previously.

I’ve been busy lately, working on Albert Cook’s new project, and also submitting some new puzzle grids to various papers to try and sell one again. It’s been 2 years! It seems like not that long ago. I will try and make updates as I find out how those turn out. Also I’m making a 2nd push to apply to USC’s film scoring program, which I am massively excited about.

Don’t forget to check out the comic strip that Luke and I are making. It’s over in the sidebar –>

Hope to hear from me again soon!

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