Home Sweet Home

Hey again, everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful VD, and I hope you didn’t contract too much VD! I guess you won’t know about the latter for a few weeks, but it is funny that they have the same initials.

As you can see, I have a new location for my blog. I’ve been floundering about without an internet home ever since the sad failure of the gep-blog idea. But I’ve found some excellent free hosting by the people at WordPress.com, who I love by the way, and am using my glorious 3 GB of space to resurrect my old blog. The weird part is they won’t host media files unless you pay, so all of my music is (hopefully not too) irritatingly liked offsite to SoundClick and other places. So, you can still listen to everthing for free, they’re just not all conveniently hosted at the same location.

I still think gep was a great idea, so if any of you old gep people want an account on here and the ability to post things, I’m all for that. Just let me know. I’m just glad that this is a more permanent location, so if I accidentally don’t post for, say, a year, it’ll still be waiting for me when I get back. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become a festering cesspool of spam like the last one did. We’ll see.

Speaking of which, I haven’t posted a blog in nearly a year, so I have lots of new stuff to share. It should be good times adding all that stuff.. hopefully you’ll check in from time to time!

Also, you will note in the sidebar that my brother and I have started a webcomic. I have no idea how regularly we will update it, or how long we will be able to keep making it, but we really wanted to make use of his uncanny talent to add hilarious dialogue to pictures. Right now we are brainstorming good titles for it. Anyone have any good ideas? Please post comments with good ideas! If we get some good ones maybe I’ll have a vote or something.

Well people, It’s great to have a home on the web again! I’ll be seeing you around this general area at some point or points in the near to distant future.


  1. Oh the sad death of gep. Probably better to have a blog hosted on a professional webserver rather than some frankensteinian computer in my apartment. Perhaps I’ll try and contribute to this one.

  2. Yeah I thought this might be better. Do you want an account? Do you still have Frankenputer and can you get stuff off of the old blog?

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