People, one of the most mystifying animals of them all. What were they like, back in the time when they hunted for their food in the brush and indeed were a part of nature rather than its foe? Were they a pack animal? Did they cooperate to find their meals and build their homes?

Today’s people are ravenous. Selfish. They’d sooner step all over their fellow man than cooperate with him. Send him to jail .. take his money. God forbid he should outcompete you. There is little trust .. ample hatred. Plenty of envy and greed to go around. Laws and patents to make certain they know what belongs to whom. Owning things and looking nice to convince the other humans that they are inferior. COMPETITION.

People were not always like this. They have not been able to completely extinguish their instincts .. from when they hunted the giant mammoth-beasts in packs. For if there had not been cooperation, the first man likely would have been stomped by a mammoth-beast years ago. There would have been no flourishing.

Man needs a family. A home. How many of society’s ills have been attributed to broken homes? Many. Man cannot live without one another. Man is a social animal.

And so loneliness was born. How can it be that a human, in a large city with hundreds of thousands of other humans, can have this feeling creep over him? With all the people he passes by, and that he interacts with in a day? Every human represents competition. Every human he passes by on the street may be a better human than he is. And isn’t the purpose of life to be the best human??

No. It is not. No matter what this modern society would have you believe. The greatest thing you can do with your life is to enhance another’s. For we are all one and the same.

I still maintain this to be true despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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