My taste buds prefer over-easy, but they’re too hard.

That won’t make sense to anyone but me, but it’s some serious shit.

Things are kind of falling apart right now, not necessarily with me but just…the world is a heavy thing, and I feel it quite intensely right now.

I turned in a copy of my personal statement to my professor, and we’re discussing it on Monday.  I finished the book that I intend to write my critical writing sample about, and so I’ll talk to him about that too and see if he has any suggestions.  I finished my first piece of flash fiction this morning, and tho it’s rough I think it doesn’t suck too much.  Deadlines are looming and things are a mess here in my world, but I’m still trying to move forward.  Onward.


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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