Too Many Words!

Argh, the more I accomplish the less capable I feel at accomplishing the rest.  Is that really fair?

I typed up RC this week.  It’s a very VERY rough draft but I’m going to let it sit for a bit right now and focus on other things.

I had some great conversations regarding FT, with Jared and my mentor from back home.  I’m also meeting with my professor to discuss it on Monday.  I think there are some really great things that I could do with the piece.  I just have to kind of take it apart and put it back together again, take some things out and put some better stuff in.  You know.

I made my submissions for the literary journal.  RC was supposed to be one of them but it’s not anywhere near submission quality, even with the chance of it getting tabled and being given time to further work on it.  I still have six days before the deadline, so if the spirit strikes me, who knows.  We’ll see.  As is I submitted one piece of fiction and four poems.  I know.  Four poems.  Whatever.

I wrote a ridiculous first draft of my new personal statement.  I need to go over my personal statement from last year and I think I have some good new ideas for how to frame the new one.  I just need to work it out.  And quickly, because…

I’m waiting to receive a couple of books in the mail by Dawn Powell.  I’ll be writing my critical writing sample about something I find there.  One is a novel and the other is a collection of short stories.  The writing sample needs to be like, 10-15 pages or something, maybe 15, and I’m feeling really overwhelmed with that hanging over my head.  It would be nice to have my personal statement in a good spot by the time those books get here.

But I work six days next week, so it’ll be a juggling act.  Onward!


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  1. Glad we could help 🙂 . Sounds like class wasn’t giving you too terribly much to go on.

    • understatement of the year! my professor was a bit more helpful today when i went to his office hours. i talked to him about a lot of the stuff you and i talked about.

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