Positive Thinking – Let’s Try It!

O.M.G.  How am I going to accomplish all of this?Here’s what I have to do:

Be ready to turn my first app in on the last day of November at the latest.  3 submissions to the school literary journal here in Sac by the 1st of October.  Critique the worst story ever written, titled (and this is not a joke), “2 Love Birds”.  And create a 10-page critical writing sample about a body of work that pertains to issues I seek to address with my own writing.  This is a fancy way, in my opinion, of requiring you to have an undergrad degree in English without explicitly requiring you to have an undergrad degree in English.  But I know I could do it, I just HAVEN’T.  So I suppose the only option is to do it on my own.  If anyone has any suggestions for pieces I could critique, I am all ears.

What I have done:

Created a rough list of grad schools, requirements, and deadlines.  I want to get it in a more accessible form, but at least all of the information is in one place.  I’ve taken a lot of notes for RC (fiction submission for Susurrus, the literary journal), read over TkY (creative nonfiction submission) and edited DM (poetry submission – I know, don’t ask).  And I’ve done an outline for the critique.

I’m still moving forward, I’m still being productive every day.  This critical writing sample is what is stressing me out the most.  But I am positive it is something I am capable of doing and I don’t want the fact that I don’t have one to deter me from applying to programs.

Of course I have to work today, and I’d like to finish that stupid critique today so I have Monday to focus on more pertinent things.  So I’m going to go try to knock that out.


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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