List-Related Anxieties.

Good morning.  Or, at the least, average morning.  I overslept and woke up feeling the blues at my heels.  After a nice long walk I’m halfway back to normalcy, so before there’s any backsliding on my part let’s get to it.

Yesterday wasn’t the most productive day but certainly not the least.  I got up, went for a walk, and worked on my wretched ballad a bit.  Then I had a job interview, which I landed, and then picked myself up some car insurance.  Borders called to me so I stopped in there to grab a book I needed for class.   I also found an amazing journal for after I fill up the current one, which is always exciting.

I spent the rest of my day reading up on some things for class and half-assedly working on my pieces.  Not good, I know, but that’s what this here blog is for – accountability.

I’ve been starting to feel that boa constriction of uncertainty around my throat, so last night I worked it out with Jared.  What’s really stressing me out is that my list of grad schools is so half-hazard.  Some of those programs I know I want to apply to, some of them I applied to last year and need to decide if I want to give another shot, and some of them I haven’t looked into at all.  What I need to do is get a solid “YES” list and then make a chart with requirements and deadlines and such.  And I will do that.  But like Jared so wisely pointed out last night (you’re like Buddha sometimes.  I love when my friends are like Buddha.  It’s the single reason I haven’t driven myself crazy yet), all of that stuff is pretty pointless without a solid portfolio.  So I have three things I need to do first and THEN I can really tackle that grad school list.  Those things are (consider this a mini list):

1.)  Polish up SU.  It really won’t even take long.  Sit down and spend an hour filing down all of those rough edges and let the piece rest for a while.

2.)  Read PL from start to finish with the new first portion.  Work it out, make sure it flows, and then send that draft out to all of my wonderful editors.  Let the piece rest for a while.

3.)  Write a first draft for HL.  The limit is 15 pages so I’ll probably end up over-writing it and then doing a heavy edit.  Right now I just need to get the story down so I can work with it, and its time to do that.  I’ve got an outline and lots of notes and hey, it’s something that I want to do!  So do it!

And then, after that, I can refine my graduate school list.  And so the mini list doesn’t include other things like, “Go to work” and “Do homework”, but all that must take place alongside the really major stuff.

But I have to leave for work in like, 6 hours!  So it’s time to make the magic happen!


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  1. I read your new draft and I have a couple of ideas. Hit me up when you see this!

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