It’s too hot over here.

My hairline is soggy and my face is red and I probably smell weird.  And ugh, about that list…No, not yet.  Rewind a little.

Yesterday, Thursday, I was up at 7:00 in the a of m for my morning walk with the bro’s live-in lady, also known as my roommate.  It’s a good morning routine.  It’s not so hot at 7am.  We do our thing for about forty minutes and come home to a fresh pot of coffee.  Brother and Lady get ready for work.  I assess my day whilst I wait for the shower.  It’s a good time for me to read over any work I did the night before, make a to-do list for the day, and inject myself with some much needed caffeine.

Because of class and work, I spend Thursdays in Sacramento, leaving at 9:30 in the morning and getting home close to 11:00 at night.  So Thursday morning I printed off my notes for HL, the latest PL draft, and an edit of SU done by my wonderfully stereotypical mentor.  I put everything in a very large denim bag.  At the last minute I threw in both a thesaurus and dictionary because I totally kick it old school and bringing my laptop anywhere scares the crap out of me.

After class I slide my battered grand am out of its spot without taking off anyone’s rearview mirror.  People who drive SUVs and park in compact spaces are assholes.  Right?

So anyway, about that list.

I found a credit union willing to take my broke ass!  Thank heavens for $1 minimum balances and questionable methods of address verification.  So that’s checked off.

I had been scoping out a coffee shop near where I work for a few weeks now and decided to take the plunge.  A worthwhile trip indeed – thick ceramic tile tables outside with wide umbrellas to protect my porcelain Wisconsin skin from that sweltering California sun.  I ordered myself a breakfast burrito and a latte the size of my head before getting to work.

I tackled HL first.  Right now it’s just a basic outline with some notes and a ton of sexy sounding vocabulary words relating to bodily functions, tho not sexy bodily functions.  It’s not that kind of story.  I’ve been looking forward to getting to work on it, and I think I might use it to start my first writing assignment for my fiction workshop.  So I read through my notes, made new ones, and you know, vacillated and pondered and pontificated.

Then I moved on to PL, which is a piece I’ve been rather absorbed in for the past six months.  Lately, things haven’t been going so well with it, but I feel like it has taken a turn recently so I’m hopeful.  I read through my latest draft which I had worked on the night before, made some notes, and moved on before I got too frustrated and knocked over a child on a bicycle*.

I did a brief read through of SU.  At this point the piece is pretty polished and I really needed my computer to make any progress.

Having checked all of my works in progress off my to-do list for the day, I had no choice but to get to my schoolwork.  I have a poem due on the 8th for my creative writing class, and I don’t want to write it.  The more I work on it, the less I want to write it.  But I remain determined.  We have a choice to do a sonnet, villanelle, or ballad.  I’ve decided to go with the ballad.  The entire time I worked there was that bitchy voice in my head taunting me about how now that I’ve started this and I’ve put a muddled mess down on paper, I will NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO UNWRITE IT.  The days of me being a person who has not written that ballad are over.  This is all very terrifying for me, and may be reflective of a larger psychological issue that warrants attention.  I choose to disregard this.

All in all a productive day.  I worked for about five hours in addition to attending class as well as my morning review.  I’m happy with that.

Today was a bit less productive,but we’ll discuss that tomorrow.  And now I’m signing out.

*something I’ve always wanted to do.


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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  1. Hey we’re making dreams come true here. Someday soon you will accomplish your longtime goal and then tell us all about the poor kid that you flipped over the handlebars!

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