Awesome Quest: Day 1

And the big day has come!

So I had solid plans to start this off with something really eloquent, humorous and yet inspiring…


This morning I was forced to write the first stanza of a ballad with the prompt, “fickleness”.  Pairing me with poetry is a bit like pairing a sloth with running shoes.  I’m sure the sloth would love to go for a jog, but despite his valiant efforts to tie sneakers on those claws, it ain’t happening.  Anyway, I came up with the following:

Wretched dusk, for you hang too low
Making way for crippling night
Damn you sun who has yet to sink
No view through your light

This was not good for my self-esteem.

I managed to hide behind my enormous purse long enough that class had to be dismissed before I was forced to share with my peers*.

Somewhere between “fickleness” and the bell, my innards commenced a twisting and tightening so awful that I practically passed out in the parking lot. As a Wisconsin native transplanted in California, this happens. I stopped for egg drop soup on the way home and had to settle for won ton. And trust me. I settled.

The moral of all this being I don’t want to talk about personal growth and being held accountable to the goals I set for myself. That’s all good stuff, but let’s save it for another day. Instead, I give you…

my list.


1. For a Happy Life Conducive to Creative Work
o Income
o Apartment
o Credit Union
2. Portfolio
o SU
o PL
o HL
o TkY (flash fiction?)
o RC
o StL
3. The School
o Schools
o UNLV (02/15)
o Eugene (01/15)
o U. of Wash (01/02)
o Fort Collins?
o UM-Twin Cities (12/15)
o Madison (12/15)
o Milwaukee (12/15)
o Iowa?

o Recommendation Letters
o SP
o DN
o YS
o DR
o SC?

o GRE Scores
o Transcripts
o Personal Statement
o Writing Samples (See #2)

I’ve made some progress on this list.  Unfortunately, my hot water bottle misses me over there, so now isn’t really the time.

*I use the term “peers” lightly, but that’s another issue entirely


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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  1. Looks a lot like my list, except with more apps. Hope 3 months is gonna be enough time! 😀 Let’s do dis

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