Whoooooooooo Doggies

Heeey look, it’s an update. Miracles really do happen.

Hey everybody, guess what! That’s right I’m back! My computer is up and running, and Flatirons is letting me connect via ftp, and so everything is just grand.

Except for the fact that the long hiatus has made everyone stop visiting the site ever.


Oh well, nothing left to do but talk to myself.

Anyway, it’s been crazy around here. We just bore witness to one of the most amazing sports moments in history… of course I am referring the the improbable playoff berth of the New England Revolution!! Go soccer!!!!

Oh yeah, also the Bosox came back from a 0-3 deficit to win a pennant against the rival Yankees.

Yes, I booked it down to Kenmore Square right after the game to mosh, get bottles thrown at my head, have firecrackers go off under my feet and chant “JETER SWALLOWS” for nigh on 90 minutes. Not much better times to be had I must say. I mean, I was around a scant 9 months ago when the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and yeah it was a little crazy then, but this just blew that out of the water. No comparison. I guess releasing some 86 years of tension and anguish in one night can have just this sort of effect. These people love their Sox.

The best part to me is, they haven’t even won the World Series yet. And it remains to be seen I suppose, but my feeling is that beating the Yankees was just as, if not more important than actually winning the title.

In any case, this next week should be crazy-crazy. Having a World Series played a couple blocks from my apartment? How frickin’ cool is that?

So I’ll make some more posts as the situation develops. In the meantime, start visiting my site! That’s right, you! Snobby!! Too good to check in every once in a while??

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