For Whom The Phone Rings

FWTPRProduced by Chris Kottke, Matt Beckemeyer
Original Music by Jared Banta

(Spring 2000)

My last semester of High School I took a film production class with a bunch of my friends, and we made some pretty weird stuff. This is the soundtrack for our final project, which was called “For Whom The Phone Rings.” It was pretty much a study in how not to make a film. All of our shooting was done before we really knew what the plot was, and so in the end we just had a bunch of loosely connected cool-looking shots with an absolutely nonsensical plot and a soundtrack by inexperienced me that wasn’t necessarily conveying the proper moods at the proper times. But by golly it was fun. I think Chris used to describe it as “All style and no substance,” which is a pretty accurate description.

Anyway the soundtrack is pretty simplistic, there weren’t too many sync points and the files are just midi sequences. But this is my first shot at scoring a film, which was one of my childhood dreams, or whatever. So I hope it’s semi-enjoyable.

UPDATE (6/12/2008): The video is now online!

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