Happy Person!


Ahahahahaa.. I just found this on my hard drive, and I’m very very surprised it has stayed with me this long. I think it’s worth posting.

It’s from a very long time ago, before the time of mp3s and when we had our old crappy computer. You can hear a bunch of noise on the track, and that’s the computer huffing and puffing trying to keep up while recording audio, and all that garbage bleeding over into the audio input. Wonderful. Remember when computers sucked like this? I think I recorded it in the old, old Mac Sound Control Panel, where you could record like :10 of sound tops and then use it as your system beep.

The song itself is just a little ad lib that my brother did for no particular reason, and I sang a little “harmony” part. I don’t really think it was meant to be harmony, but who really cares? It’s cute, and that’s all that really matters. Our voices weren’t actually quite that chipmunky, I doubled the speed after we recorded it.

Not a breathtaking display of musical prowess, but good for a smile nonetheless 🙂

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