Sometimes You Need More Than Just Arrid

Rrrrrrrrrrrr …

All right I need to vent a little bit of frustration. My realtor is starting to get on my nerves, because they are coming across as spectacularly inept. When I first got here to Boston at the beginning of September, I didn’t have an apartment because they had my sign a lease for a place that apparently wasn’t technically on the market. Now they handled this rather swiftly and I ended up with a good deal out of it, so I was going to go ahead and let that little (major) oversight slide.

Anyway, yesterday I got an invoice that said that they hadn’t received my rent check for October. This is stupid, because when I was there in early September signing forms for the new place, they told me that I had paid twice for September, once in the deposit and then accidentally again because of a miscommunication with the bank. They said not to worry because they would just carry the extra month over to October, so I didn’t need to have a check sent. So ok, I didn’t worry. As seems to be the case fairly often, however, someone forgot to record this into the computer. And we all know that with a business of any significant size, if it’s not in the computer, it never happened.

So the long and short of it is, I hope I get this sorted out before they evict me. Which would suck. Also, we’re reading about capitalism and the Industrial Revolution in history, so this makes me all the more “Damn you, capitalism!! Damn you!!!!”

Other than that, I have very little of importance to say. Check out Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis and Gil Evans. Also, if you get the chance, check out the original Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo, which the whole idea for Sketches originated from. It is a beautiful piece of music.

Also, I like this picture a lot.
Sleeping KittyIf I could remember the site that I got it from, I would post a link. But I don’t. So.. yeah.

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