Greg’s Song

CU LogoFolk-Rock

(Winter, 2000-01)

Featuring Matt (Vocals, Guitar)
With Jared (Guitar, Sequenced material)
and Greggers
Based on Original Music “Rainbow Road” by Kenta Nakata

I’m finally breaking down and making this public, I’ve been wrestling with it for awhile since I promised Greg not to put it up on Napster back in the day. However, it’s several years later and Napster is all but dead, and I’ll still try to protect his identity as much as possible.

Over the years this has been one of the more requested songs in my library despite its complete musical atrociousness. It’s rather handy, because while usually everyone gets to gripe about the horrors of their college roommates, few actually get to demonstrate what it was really like to live with these people.

This song accomplishes just that task. One weeknight at about 3 AM, Greg got nice and hammered and proceeded to babble after his usual fashion. At some point during his babbling he mentioned that he wished he could record it so he could hear himself the following morning when he was sober. This roused me out of my pretending-to-be-asleep mode as I got up and produced my tape recorder out of the closet.

The product of this was a nice 8-minute recording of Greg-babble that subsequently inspired us to make this song, which includes samples from the original tape. It is a good example of our low-production-value Goldwave days, when it was hard to be accurate with timing and pitch and the like, so it has an overall drunken amateur quality which thankfully adds to the desired effect of the song in this instance. Also, it is chock full of inside jokes, which usually means that no one can possibly appreciate it as much as us who made it, but I think there’s still some entertainment value there.

I also wrote out the lyrics and tried to transcribe Greg’s story, which can be hard to hear. I couldn’t figure out a couple of things, and if anyone wants to try and help me out, you can contact me for the original 8 minute mp3.

Also, thank you to OverLooked Remix, the site for crappily craptastic game arrangements, for adding this crappy song to their collection of crap.

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