Sports Report

Yay Sox!! Boo all the teams from back home..

Ugh.. overslept, and then there were horses tethered outside of Little Stevie’s. Needless to say I am very disoriented.

Well the Red Sox are headed to the ALCS, despite playing a horrible, sloppy series in which they didn’t seem to ever get any hits. I’m not yet one of those rabid Sox fans, in part because I’m generally against the adoption of teams just because they are doing well. I’ll always be a Colorado sports fan at heart. However, I’m rooting for the Sox to make it to the Big Show, because man, how cool would it be to have a World Series being played two blocks from where I live? And how insane would it get around here? The answer to both of these questions as far as I’m concerned is “pretty damn.”

In Colorado sports news, everyone lost. I didn’t see the Broncos game because, as we all know, here in New England, nothing west of Buffalo and south of D.C. actually exists. I hear from my brother that they got screwed by the refs, which is never a fun way to lose a game. But at least it was close, which makes me feel good about where they are this year. Should be a good one.

CU.. well let’s just say I’m glad I don’t go there anymore. And I have been informed that the Nuggets are thinking about trying out Dennis Rodman. That would make their games slightly more entertaining. I guess anything’s more entertaining than “excruciatingly boring.”

The big news in the NFL this last week, funnily enough, was surrounding Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Donovan McNabb. Granted that Rush’s comments, as always, were stupid and inflammatory, but that’s not news. To me the public outcry was really sad and fascinating. On one of the NFL pregame shows one of the commentators said something to the effect that “race is just something that you don’t talk about.” Which immediately begs the question, Why?

I didn’t find Rush’s comments to be that inflammatory, but instead to be highly debatable, and there is an important difference there. Just the notion of respecting others dictates that blatant racism is wrong. But is it really too soon to have a healthy debate on the subject of race? Is it really still that sensitive a subject? And I must plead ignorance here, because I honestly don’t know how bad the problem is. I don’t see it, I don’t have problems with it, and because of the strict censorship in the media, I don’t hear anything about it. I guess I just feel that if there’s a problem, the best thing to do is to talk it through. And, from my perspective, it seems like as a society we might be ready to do just that.

I could be wrong. I shouldn’t be considered an authority on anything this week, but especially sports, because my fantasy football team just got crushed by Ian’s. Which is just so embarrassing.

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