Some Thoughts on Norway and Politics

Prepare yo’self for some ramblin’. Much more where this came from. Hehe!

In my World Civs class we had to choose a country that we’re following throughout the semester, learning about its history and current affairs and such. I chose Norway, because I’ve been feeling a little guilty that my Granny is of 100% Norwegian descent, and all I know about that part of my heritage is what I learned on that stupid ride at Disney World. We all know what a touchtone of cultural and historical accuracy Disney has been..

Now that I finally have internet in my apartment (YAY), it’s become much easier to follow the news. I found an English-language Norwegian newspaper online, and my first little read through it yielded some interesting tidbits of information.

On article I found particularly interesting was this one. I can’t help by be a little bit bothered by the fact that we Americans think we can just impose our will on other countries and expect them to cooperate. In this particular case, the motives and methods of our current administration are definitely questionable, and I’m inclined not to agree with them. I’m sure they have their reasons for doing what they are doing, but real reasons are just a subset of those things which are not divulged to the public. It’s pretty staggering once you suddenly realize how little you know about the inner workings of your own government, and how much is hidden from the average person.

In conclusion, ugh, I can’t stand politics. Which is kind of a shame, because they are so deeply entrenched in our society that we all are going to have to learn how to play that game in some capacity at some point in order to sustain ourselves.

A couple of other articles from the same paper revealed the following juicy morsels: Norway is both the least religious and the fattest country in Europe. I’m so proud *sniff*

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