Start of the Blog…

Well I’ve been trying and trying to get some sort of website up so people can pop by and check out what’s going on in my world, not that it’s particularly interesting or anything, but who knows. I thought it might be cool just to have a place on the ‘net to hang out.

Anyhoo, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging, which makes it nice and easy for me to make updates and changes and stuff, which, by the way, is a good thing, since no one likes things that are difficult. No one.

So I’ll be trying to post up things periodically that may be of some interest to somebody, and maybe that somebody will turn out to be only me. Which is ok, because hey, I count. Sometimes. And at the very least  I’ll post random thoughts and events on this main page from time to time, and if someone reads them, well then so much the better!

Cool, so, enjoy and stuff.

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