Tell Me A Story…

What is is about a great story that can make you feel all warm inside? What is a story? A chain of events that never happened and never could happen? What is that worth? And why does it capture our imagination so?

I would like to know. I’d like to know why I waste my time getting swept up in people’s lives who never existed. I want to know why I can imagine the impossible.

There is a story in everything. Why do people need to make up stories to be entertained? Why can’t we spend more time appreciating the world as it is, and not as we wish it to be?

Why do we dare to dream? I think the only people that ever accomplish anything are not dreamers. They don’t dream of becoming… they simply are. Dreamers, I think, tend to have their motives out of whack, and their confidence shot. And that is why they dream, of what they know they can’t become.

There is some worth to stories, because they make me feel good. Do you know what is better? To live a story. And it is also worse.

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