The Present

Looking at photos on the internet from some random person’s website that you’ve run across … people you’ve never seen before in some unfamiliar place leering out at you. A snapshot with no context is so uninteresting.

As is the present. A snapshot in time. If we didn’t have memory nor anticipation to place the present moment in some sort of context … well then our lives would be meaningless. What a gift we were given … memory. To make our current moment a meaningful one.

I guess the present has a flavor. But that only lasts a brief second. It’s the aftertaste that endures. The reflection on one’s past. The vain attempts to make sense of it all. That is what lasts the rest of one’s life. So … I guess the present has no meaning at all. Infinitesimal. In the grand scheme of things.

I rely on the past for context. My histories. Some people rely on the future. Their “plans.” Their “risks” and “adventures.” This is what makes their present significant. I should rely on both. I strive for moderation in everything … and that means to rely some on the past and some on the future. That is probably ideal.

Well maybe someday. In the “future.” What a vicious cycle.

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