One Down

New Piece # 1 is written.

I’m gonna have to return to it later, because it’s not quite polished. There’s one section that I particularly want to look at, because I might want to take another crack at writing it because it’s a little dense. But we’ll see. Also I need to flesh out a couple of parts, particularly the percussion parts. It’s very light on percussion right now, and I definitely want to add some notes in there.

So it might not quite be ready to present, but at least it’s written. That’s usually the hardest part. And I think it’s pretty interesting, so I’m in good shape.

The plan for tomorrow: well, we’ll see what kind of mood I’m in. Either I will continue doing edits on this piece, or pick something else to move on to. I gotta come up with a title as well, so I know how to refer to it 😉

The plan right now: go play softball and drink some beer. Hey, I earned it.

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  1. Congrats, that’s awesome! Titles are always the hardest part for me. I usually don’t name things until its absolutely necessary and then I stew over how awful said title is…so good luck to you! I’m not posting today because I didn’t really do anything yesterday, but check in tomorrow morning for my recap of today!

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