Hey Dudes

Hay is for horsesAHAHHAHAHAA!

Hi everybody.

I seriously haven’t forgotten about this thing. I was having some trouble with the new Flatirons system so it made me not feel like posting anything for a while. However, it appears as though I’ve sorted the problem out, so I might as well start making some entries again I figure.

I have LOTS of news musics… well ok some, but much more to come. So at some point I’ll start putting those up on the music page. Also check back in a week because I should be getting the date for my recital, and that will go up as soon as I have it. I’ll be e-mailing folks too about the date too so no worries. It should be fun times, I’m really excited! The culmination of years of hard work.

It’s been very cold here and the Pats are in another Super Bowl next week. So business as usual. I don’t really have anything smart-ass or witty to say right now because I’m tired and I have class tomorrow. Anyway I’ll have plenty of time to bitch at you later.

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