On Marriage

What a strange feeling I had today! One of the strangest … I bared my soul on last week’s writing assignment … went all out and tried to include of subtlety in the assignment. There are dangers when it comes to subtlety; there is the very real danger that you will be too subtle and fail to make your point.

Well this time I wrote about things that were closest to my heart … the kind of writing where you write and then think “This is stupid.” Because you are afraid people won’t see things the way you do. Anyway the work was not lost on Professor Wild, he thought it was good enough to be shared with the class. However it was completely lost on my classmates, who didn’t understand what I was talking about.

What was the feeling I had after that? Was it embarrassment? Maybe it was. I don’t think I’ve been genuinely embarrassed in a good long while. Yes I think that’s what it was .. embarrassment that so many people had heard this most personal of essays and that so few understood it at all. Or maybe it was just the fact that so many people have now heard it. The essay was about my imagination. A very private sanctuary indeed.

Well the feeling has all but subsided now, thanks in no small part to another visit from my past. We had celery sticks. We had peanut butter. And suddenly I remembered how we used to combine them into wonderful snacks! A marriage of foods I have not experienced since I was maybe 6 years old! And so I giddily scraped at the bottom of the peanut butter jar with my celery sticks and ate them with no dearth of delight!!! And now if you will excuse me I must now bathe myself with my tongue.

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