A Word from the Composer

Jared ConductingGreetings, and thank you for your interest in my music!

It it an ongoing trend; as technology advances further and further, more and more of our day is spent in front of glowing rectangles. This is especially true in the case of music; whereas in the past music was created with pen and paper, and sprang to life at the hands of a group of live players and their beloved instruments, nowadays most music progresses from conception to reality within the confines of these rectangles. However, one truth will always remain: a good story, a good movie, and indeed, a good life have a way of reflecting the humanity in their audience; and it is this humanity that I hope to preserve in my music as we march forward into the looming sterility of the future.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had a great deal of exposure, and thus appreciation, for live instrumentalists. From my early days in middle school band, to my days at Berklee, where we were encouraged to have our music read by a live group every week, to my experiences in front of a live orchestra at Warner Bros. Studios, my compositions have taken on new life when placed in the hands of other capable musicians. It is this collaborative process which really breathes life into music and makes it an experience rather than a collection of sounds. Anyone who has attended a live scoring session knows what a unique and exhilarating experience it can be.

The challenge for the future is, how do we embrace this new technology without losing the human touch that is exhibited by all of our favorite scores from the past? How do we create a new reality in music that takes advantage of these continuing innovations, yet still has a timeless quality and won’t sound old-fashioned a decade down the road? This is the problem that I, and all my fellow composers face in the coming years.

This is what I want to do for your project. To take your story about people, about experiences, about emotions, and create music which complements it in a creative way, preserving and enhancing its humanity. Not just for the immediate future, but for generations down the line, across cultures and years. That is my passionate goal, and that is what I have dedicated my life to trying to accomplish. It will be a lifelong journey, and I hope that you will choose to embark upon it with me. ♫

-Jared Banta
Film Composer

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