Dinner for Few Score Wins “Best Original Music” at Short Film Festival

DinnerForFewDinner For Few is currently making the festival rounds in Europe. It is an animated film that has generated quite a bit of buzz due to its unapologetic depiction of the sad state of the global economy. Very weighty subject matter.

I was thrilled to be invited by friend and talented composer Kostas Christides to help with music preparation and orchestration on this movie. It is not often anymore that you see a short film receiving a full orchestral treatment, but filmmaker Nassos Vakalis made sure that there was enough budget left over to record. The result is an ear-catching and dramatic score that underlines the themes of the film nicely.

This past week, the decision paid off with a much-deserved “Best Original Music” award for Kostas at the Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece.

Below is a cool “Behind the Music” video they made, featuring Kostas and including some of the parts that I helped prepare onscreen (!). Enjoy!

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