New York Times Debut

Well, it has been a couple years since my announcement on this blog that Will Shortz at the New York Times bought one of my puzzles, and today marks its publication. It’s a very exciting occasion and I’m just thrilled that so many are able to share it with me.

It’s always funny when something you worked on years ago is surfacing for the first time. The you of now can never help but think, “I could have done this better than me of the past.” However, I still enjoy the idea of the puzzle, and it looks as though people are getting a kick out of solving it.

For those in other parts of the country, the puzzle will not run in syndication for another 5 weeks. I believe it will run on the 26th of February, so look out for it in your local publication.

Thank you so much to the various web sites and blogs who have run nice features on me. There is a very nice one by Deb Amlen on the New York Times Wordplay Blog, and of course the ever-educational site XWord Info has a detailed breakdown of the grid.

And thank you to everyone for the kind words and well-wishes. For now it is back to work on music, but hopefully I will have some more interesting puzzle ideas to share in the near future.

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  1. How can a whole word be in 1 box? 13 down and 61 across????

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