Jaroban – “My Greatest Rival” Released!

Today, the free remix album Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks drops after 5 years of labor, and with it, the track that I contributed, entitled “My Greatest Rival.”

The track is meant to be a sort of tribute both to the Pokémon games and to the anime, which I used to watch with some of my buddies back in high school.

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Click here for the lyrics!

I want to thank all the following people for their help on the track:

Matty – Lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Fishy – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Sam Cooper – Vocals
Vralia – Vocals
Jocelyn Holst – Vocals
DJ Krisp-E – Vocals
chris stibrany – Additional programming, mastering

Obviously, I’m very excited about this album and I hope people enjoy listening as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.

In other news, I’ve been working hard at increasing my web presence, and I’ve launched a few more places on the web where you can follow me and get updates on what I’m working on. I’ve got a new facebook Page, and a new Twitter account, and am working on turning the Music page into a résumé/portfolio. So if anyone should want to receive the latest poop on me, you can subscribe using the “Follow Me” tab on the side of the site.


  1. The site just went live 😀 Check it out! http://missingno.ocremix.org/

  2. Hey, could we get the lyrics to this? Hehe.

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