Vote & Comment on My Portfolio!

Hey peeps.

So last Monday was the big day. There was a fair bit of drama involved, but it came off. It was a recording session for some pieces for my portfolio, and I now have everything I need for the portfolio part of my application. Still a couple things left to do:

  1. GRE (isn’t gonna happen at this point)
  2. Receive recommendation letters (already have commitments for this – YAY!)
  3. Statement of Objectives (Proofread)
  4. Résumé (Proofread)

Today we’re gonna focus on choosing the portfolio. I’m gonna give you guys some input since I have several options.

Here are your candidates:

I can use 3, so you can vote for your favorite 3 below. Bear in mind that they should demonstrate potential in ability to compose for film.

One Comment:

  1. Dude, it’s great to hear your work played by an orchestra. Some really nice things there — it’s a tough choice. The thematic material is really great; probably Bones’ is the strongest theme for me. Filmwise, I was getting kind of a HP vibe from Iridescent, and kind of a Princess Mononoke vibe from Prelude, my other two favorites. Good stuff.

    How did the recording work? I gather the orchestra is overseas, so do you just send them the parts and they send you back the recording?

    Good luck with the application and everything. What’s up with the GRE? You could slay that shit with your eyes closed.


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