Jared, are you there?

I can’t believe it’s here…or less than two weeks away, at least.
Well, I’ve got one deadline on the first and then three on the 15th.  One of those online applications is finished.  The other three are just waiting for a final draft of my personal statement.  The application for the first is all online, recommendation letters are done and transcripts are sent.  So I’m doing okay for time.

Torturing myself over my personal statement.  I have to decide on a second story to include in my creative writing sample.  Over-vacillating on that too.  I’m feeling okay tho, but like I have a lot to get done this weekend.


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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  1. I’m here! Just slow to respond, and not posting much. Too much to do to think about posting right now! Lol..

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