I too am still plugging away…just stopped posting because it began to feel as though I was writing to an elephant graveyard.

First deadline is coming up quick, Dec. 1st.  Having some issues with my recommendation letters – one of them is in Italy which means everything is going to take ass-long to arrive, and the other gave me his letter to review and it was awful.  When I brought up a couple of issues I had (like, you do not need to tell the admissions committee that my work is not “of your taste”.  could you instead mention ANYTHING AT ALL about how I am as a student) he informed me that he was not in the habit of taking instruction from students….THEN WHY DID YOU GIVE ME THE LETTER TO READ?!? Whatever, I found someone else to write my third letter so it’s okay, but it was a headache.

I’m having a problem with my personal statement, namely describing “where I fit in the field of contemporary fiction”.  UGH.

My “flag ship” writing sample is pretty much ready to go, but I need to supplement it with a shorter piece and I have yet to do that.

I’m scared as hell, feel way behind, etc etc etc.


aspiring writer with a penchant for cheap jewelry and self-doubt.

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