Still Plugging Away…


So you probably thought that I gave up, or died, or something.

Well the fact is, I found my mojo. In fact, I’ve been so busy working on stuff that I pretty much entirely forgot about posting about what I’ve been accomplishing.

The date is set. November 22. The pieces are written, well, 4 of them anyway. I’m thinking about trying to crank out a 5th one now that I have some time.

A couple requests are out for recommendation letters. No responses yet, but I haven’t played all my cards and it’s not time to get impatient yet.

So what do I have left to do?

  1. Make sure everything’s set for The Big Date
  2. Procure 3 recommendation letters
  3. Write a personal statement
  4. Update my résumé
  5. Take the GRE (optional)
  6. Submit the application along with all of this crap
  7. Stop being so coy on this blog 🙂

Anyway, life is kind of crazy right now. I’m thanking the stars that I didn’t try to work on top of all this. I would probably die, like I almost did last time.

Hoping things are going well for Alli too! Since we haven’t heard from her in a while either.

Oh and P.S., I put a link to Melissa’s blog on the sidebar. Even if you don’t know her, you should go read it, because she is funny. And it’s about China. And um you should learn about China because we’re supposed to be scared of them becoming better than us or something. I dunno. Just go read.

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