The Muffin Man Cartoon

The Muffin Man Cartoon

By John Benjamin

The Muffin Man started out as my breakfast about 5 years ago, being ruthlessly poked by Matt and John during English class. Therefore naturally his first incarnations as a drawing saw him uttering such catch phrases as “Don’t poke!!” and “Have a muffin!!” I made the first attempt to flesh him out into a cartoon, but it turned out to be very sucky and unfunny. Shortly thereafter, John drew this, which unlike mine was frickin hilarious.

In the ensuing months the cartoon underwent numerous phases of post-production. It was colored in by Laurie during class. Then it was presumed lost for awhile, but it turned out that my dad had stolen it to make photocopies so it wouldn’t get lost. After we finally got it back, John scanned it and made it into the animated gif that you see now, for internet distribution.

John insists that he has drawn other muffin man cartoons, but I have yet to see any of these. Dammit John!! We want more muffin man!! Hehe.

For a dramatic reenactment of the harrowing tale of the origin of the Muffin Man, click here: Muffin Zer0


  1. Oh my God this makes my heart go pitter patter and other unhealthy irregular rhythms. Looks like to took a hell of a lot of time to do though.

  2. During high school English, one has nothing but time..

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